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Canaf, via its wholly owned South African subsidiary, Quantum Screening and Crushing (Pty) Ltd (“Quantum”), owns 70% of Southern Coal (Pty) Ltd. (“Southern Coal”), a private South African company that produces calcined anthracite. 


Southern Coal has been supplying calcined anthracite to South African sinter facilities for over 24 years and has earnt a reputation as being a reliable, responsible and quality provider of anthracite reductants to major companies.

Southern Coal is a proud Level 5 B-BBEE contributor according to the DTi Codes of Good Practice on Black Economic Empowerment.

For any enquires to purchase or for pricing on Southern Coal’s calcined anthracite and other reductants please email


Calcined anthracite is effectively anthracite coal that has been heat treated.  The process burns off the volatile fraction of the anthracite, and the effective carbon content is increased.  Calcined anthracite qualities will vary according to the feed material that is used.


Southern Coal produces calcined anthracite via its autogenous (self-sustaining) rotary kiln, by heating anthracite coal to between 900 and 1000 degrees centigrade. 


Southern Coal prides itself on strict quality control procedures.  It has its own in-house laboratory so that regular testing can be carried out to control incoming and outgoing materials, as well as to assist in monitoring the calcining process.  For accredited product testing and analysis, Southern Coal utilises an independent laboratory that is located adjacent to its own premises.


Southern Coal operates at Ballengeich, near Newcastle, KwaZulu Natal where it is strategically located close to the majority of South Africa’s anthracite mines.


At Southern Coal a variety of feed materials from different mines, with varying qualities and chemical analysis, can be sourced and so a variety of products can be produced.


In addition to the calcining process, Southern Coal equally focuses on sizing of its calcined materials.  This is carried out using its four double-deck screening plants, a variety of crushers, and strict quality control measures.  The most common size fractions available at Southern Coal are 0-6mm, 0-10mm and 10-20mm.

For more information on Southern Coal’s product and availability please contact


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